Vehicle Tech Services

We will come to your place of residence to provide a number of vehicle technical services which you may choose from below.


* There's a $10 travel to store charge for part purchase/pickup

Vehicle Technician Price
Up to first hour 35.00
Then hourly 20.00


Q: Do you provide the windshield wipers or batteries?

A: If you already have either of those parts we'll install them. If you don't know which part you need we'll discuss the option where we'll purchase and bring the part and will add that cost to you with the service charge.

Q: Is there an additional cost if you need to purchase the part(s) to bring with you?

A: Yes there's a $10 parts store travel charge.  If you order the part and we need to travel there to pick it up or if we need to travel there to purchase the part directly.

Q: Is this roadside assistance?

A: No these are scheduled services that will be provided at your place of residence.