Document Shredding  Or  Personal Assistant

We will come to your place of residence to pick up documents to shred  Or  Provide Personal Assistance


Document Shredding Price
Less than 40 pounds 20.00
41-80 pounds 40.00


Q: How can I tell what the weight is?

A: 40 pounds is the equivelent of a bankers box.  It's safe to say up to 5 shopping bags full of paper documents will be less than 40 pounds. 

Q: What kind of documents can I have shredded?

A: We can shred paper, CD, or credit cards.


Personal Assistant Price
Pick up item from store 20.00
Retrieve mail per visit* 20.00
Haul trash/recycle to street per visit* 20.00


Q: How does the pick up item from store work?

A: You'll purchase an item online, notify us when it's ready for pickup and we'll pick it up and deliver it to your place of residence.

Q: How does the retrieve mail service work?

A: If you're not able to pickup your mail or place an out going piece of mail in the mailbox, notify us and we can pick it up and deliver it to you from your mail box or drop your out going mail in the mailbox for you.

Q: How does the haul trash/recycle containers to street work?

A: You'll contact us and we'll take out both containers to the street the night before the collection date and return them back after they have been emptied.

* service is available on per visit, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly plan.